My very first sign!

Since buying our first miter saw when we redid our front porch, I have been immersing myself in DIY woodworking blogs. I have this new found LOVE for all things DIY/furniture/ wood working projects! I found two VERY awesome websites that I check daily and am IN LOVE with all of the projects that they tackle. I can find my way around a hammer, nail and wood glue. Anything else I didn’t have much confidence in. So I started small. Here is my first project.

Since putting our new microwave in when we first moved into the house, we’ve had this awkward space above it. There was previously a wood plank here, but the new microwave was of a different size than the old one and that wooden plank wouldn’t work with the new one. Somewhere along the line it got trashed and there has been this gapping hole there every since, exposing the fan duct. UGLY!


Don’t mind the missing cabinet doors. That is a product of me taking them all off to paint and losing some of the hinges. Yeah, yeah, I know. Lesson learned. ANYWAY, so I got this idea that it would be super simple to just make a cute little sign out of wood to put in this spot. I wanted something easy to make (because remember, I’m a beginner) but I also wanted it to be cute and something more than just a plain wood piece like before. So I searched for some cute signs and finally found some ideas that I liked. I measured the area and it was 15 inches tall and 30 inches wide. Easy enough. Since I knew that (for the most part) 1×4 boards are 3.75 inches, I knew that I could just cut four of them at 30 inches long and they would fit perfect.

I used Gorilla Glue and four 1.5 inch nail for this project. I just glued all four pieces together, applied glue to the back of a scrap piece of 1×4 and nailed it to the middle of the back and set it out in the sun to dry.
I tried to distress it a little by hitting it with a hammer, and basically anything else I could find. It really didn’t work out, so I don’t have any pictures of that part. After it was dry for a few days I used Rustoleum wood stain in Weathered Grey to stain it. I just applied one coat with a foam brush and it was so pretty! I wanted something very light and thought grey would go very well with our cabinets. It turned out a grey/blue color with still some of the original wood color showing through on the knots. Jordan LOVED how it looked. After it dried I used a paint pen to write a saying that I found on pinterest and thought was fitting for the area in which it was going. Here is the final result. I plan on putting a polyurethane coat over it just to keep it safe. It fits perfect and definitely makes the hole look better!

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