Full Length Swivel Mirror

Time for my first project post! I’ve searched high and low for plans on how to build a full length mirror…. I never found any. So I was left to come up with a design on my own. After some googling, I found these (http://www.rockler.com/rear-mounted-swivel-mirror-hinge) swivel hinges made specifically for the project I was about to tackle.

I started out with an old door hanging mirror I bought from Target years ago… way back when I first started college. I needed just the mirror portion so I had to strip the cheap plastic trim from the edges. You can buy this same mirror for about $5-10 or just a frameless one from Target for about $15. I chose the cheapest route and worked with what I had on hand.


First I ripped the paper backing off, exposing the seams of the trim. This mirror was so old that the glue was barely holding the trim together so a little tugging got it right off. I will say at if you buy a new mirror you will most likely have to take a razor knife and cut along the glued edges to get it to break off. Be careful! You are handling fragile material.


Here is the trim pulling right off.

The next step was to create my new frame. I chose my own measurements according to my mirror and adjusted according to how big I wanted it. I really just made guesses. You’ll want to mitre each corner at a 45 degree angle NOT parallel.  My side pieces were 40″ long from long end to long end. My top and bottom pieces were about 17″ long end to long end.


I joined the pieces together with pocket holes and wood glue.


Here’s the completed frame.


Now to add my mirror to my frame. I put a bead of liquid nails along the inside of the frame closest to the open center. Then placed the mirror right on top and waited for it to dry.


Initially I wanted to add a small drawer on the bottom of the mirror that was included in the frame. However, I am no expert carpenter and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. So I nixed that idea. IMG_5608I used 2×4’s cut 14″ long point to long point for my base.


Then, I cut the side support 45 degrees and 5 ft long point to bottom.


Lastly, cut cross supports 45 degrees angles and 5″ long point to long point.



Add it all together with some wood glue and finish nails and you have yourself two cute side supports. After I got these babies stained, I joined them to the framed mirror with my hinges and wah-lah!



I used this stain…its one of my favorites!


Every new thing I build becomes my favorite. I am especially proud of this because I designed it all by myself.


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